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Martial Arts Classes Coming up in Washington DC

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Tai Chi/Qigong

at Peaceable Dragon - West Springfield 6350 Rolling Mill Pl #103 Springfield, VA 22152 United States, Virginia, Virginia 22152

This class begins with 30 minutes of Qigong. Qigong is an ancient healing art that consists of a series of movements preformed in a slow moving and/or non-moving focused meditation for reducing stress, improving physical health, strength, focus and balance as well as improving emotions, and opening the heart. This practice is suitable...

No upcoming schedules

Tai Chi 1

at Peaceable Dragon - Sully 4426 Albemarle Point Place, Chantilly, Washington, District of Columbia 20151

De-stress, wind down, relax, become more flexible and increase your strength and balance! Explore the health benefits and relaxation offered by the ancient art of Tai Chi. Classes will be taught with an emphasis on relaxation and increasing flexibility. Modifications are available for physical considerations. The goal is to relax, have fun, and increase...

No upcoming schedules

14 sessions

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Thai Kickboxing

at YMCA of Metropolitan Washington - U Street Corridor 1325 W St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Wellness specialty class.

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Adult UrbanFit (age 15 & up, UrbanFit required.)

at Urban Evolution - Alexandria 5505 Cherokee Ave, Alexandria, Virginia 22312

UrbanFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for Urban Evolution. It's based on the training methodologies used by many martial artists and physical fitness experts, with a deep emphasis on functional fitness: if it doesn't help you in the real world, what's the point?We believe that focusing on particular physiological areas in isolation...

No upcoming schedules

Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Health & Well-Being

at Dream Yoga Studio & Wellness Center - McLean 1485 Chain Bridge Rd Ste 104 , McLean, Virginia 22101

For those who want to enhance their health & well-being thru the Eastern concepts and "Internal Forms/exercises of Tai Chi & Qi Gong. You'll enjoy learning from a Grandmaster how these ancient practices can lead to better posture/balance; more efficient breathing; increased strength/muscle tone/range of motion; & improved mental focus—all...

No upcoming schedules

Kids & Adult-Eat Your Veggies ( ages 9+white band req)

at Urban Evolution - Alexandria 5505 Cherokee Ave, Alexandria, Virginia 22312

Not all Parkour training is about doing awesome wall runs and escaping from pursuing cops / ninjas / lava-gators. Sometimes you need to get strong to be useful. And sometimes you need to learn how to fail before you can succeed. This class will help you do both! Part conditioning and part safety training, the Veggies class will help make sure the people...

No upcoming schedules

8 Week Boxing Program

at Washington Jewish Community Center - Dupont Circle 1529 16th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20036

Sam Crossed, better known as “The Vanilla Gorilla”, is a professional, undefeated boxer, who holds the records for the quickest knockout in amateur DC/Baltimore boxing history, 4 seconds. Join the Vanilla Gorilla - who you might recognize from his recent Super Bowl commercial - for an hour-long workout, where you will learn proper boxing techniques,...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

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Chinese Martial Arts Beginners Form

at Great River Taoist Center - Annandale 3543 Marvin Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003

Newcomers to GRTC will learn the Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man-ch’ing) Yang style taijiquan (tai chi) short form.  On their first day of class, beginning students will practice the opening movements of the 37 posture form, focusing on the body mechanics and principles of movement necessary to properly practice the form.  Each class will start...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Advanced Tuishou

at Great River Taoist Center - Annandale 3543 Marvin Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003

Once the student has demonstrated sufficient skill in basic tuishou fundamentals like “sticking and following”, proper pushing technique, and the eight basic movements, they will be invited to join the Advanced Tuishou class.  In this class, intermediate and advanced practitioners will explore a variety of topics and drills aimed...

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

Structural Strengthening

at Great River Taoist Center - Annandale 3543 Marvin Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003

Structural Strengthening is a workout designed with the Yang family system of taijiquan in mind.  Though not part of the the Yang style tradition, Structural Strengthening takes the same principles and mechanics and focuses on repetitions of a variety of movements while using the staff or spear as a weight.  We start with stretches and work...

No upcoming schedules

Beginner Tuishou

at Great River Taoist Center - Annandale 3543 Marvin Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003

Tuishou (lit. "push hands") is the beginning of two person practice in taijiquan.  Its practice develops sensitivity, yielding, neutralizing, and internal strength, using body mechanics developed in the form.  Tuishou gives the student a venue for training these skills and practicing taiji's basic movements without the danger...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Chinese Martial Arts Intermediate Form

at Great River Taoist Center - Annandale 3543 Marvin Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003

Once students have an elemental understanding of the basic principles that underly the short form, they enter the Intermediate Form class to study a variety of topics, including: Investigating the martial applications of each posture through partnered drilling.  This practice enables the student to imagine more effectively the usage of each...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

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